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2021 CyberSecurity Collaborative Certificate Contact Form

CyberSecurity Collaborative Program Description

The CyberSecurity Collaborative Program is a two college partnership  between Cosumnes River College and Fresno City College for a 100% Online, Zero Textbook Cost,  25 unit Certificate of Achievement in CyberSecurity that prepares students for careers in CyberSecurity.

Colleges in the collaborative teach select courses in the program and commit to roles and responsibilities as participating partners.  Students enrolling in the 100% Online, Zero Textbook Cost, collaborative program complete it in a cohort model taking courses from both colleges. 

Courses are offered completely online and are Zero Textbook Cost  (ZTC)  offered in two course blocks of eight weeks with one to two weeks breaks between course offerings.  Students are able to complete the program in 35 weeks and include opportunities to qualify for industry certifications in CyberSecurity,

To support their participation as online students they complete the “Online Readiness Tutorials” modules prior to enrollment in a cohort.  Students receive student support services including eligibility for Federal Financial Aid while enrolled in the collaborative program.

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