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Virtual Assistant | Lex Fridman

My name is Lex Fridman. I have a podcast, YouTube channel, and do AI research/engineering work. I need help with a number of tasks in support of the podcast and other creative pursuits. Examples include:
  • Research podcast guest details: I get a large number of podcast guest suggestions. Organizing this list by providing their best written, audio, video work and details on their expertise.
  • Social media and email: I'm not exactly sure how this might work, but the amount of amazing comments and emails I get is becoming unmanageable and still I want to read them. So, help in managing comments/emails I should read would be helpful.
  • Podcast notes and review: Listen to the podcast while it's being edited, take notes, extract good quotes, provide suggestions to the editors on what to keep and what to take out. Take notes of errors made in the editing. No video-editing skill is needed for this. We already have a team of video editors.
  • Research video content: Help research interviews, video (e.g. about history, philosophy, engineering, programming, AI).
  • Brainstorm: Brainstorm ideas about upcoming film projects, social media posts, etc.
I'm sure there are many other tasks that will come up.

I value passion, hard work, and obsessive attention to detail (aka craftsmanship). No answer is disqualifying. I value the ability to learn quickly.

Please fill out this form. None of the fields are required, but all are preferred. Unfortunately, due to number of applicants, you may not hear from us if we don't move forward. All info you provide here will be kept private.
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