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Machine Learning & Robotics Engineer | Lex Fridman

My name is Lex Fridman. I have YouTube channel: lexfridman. I would like to make some educational videos with AI systems and robots. This will involve complex software-based computer vision systems and complex robotic/hardware systems (i.e., robot dogs, robot arms, etc). I'm looking to build a small team of folks to do fun projects that involve both software and hardware for educational purposes. Ideally, we also publish research papers on any theory or implementation details involved.

In this context, I'm primarily a machine learning researcher & engineer and am looking for someone for both software engineers and hardware engineers/designers. Here are some select details, but there are many more tasks involved:
  1. Hardware: Build custom payloads for Spot. This includes both the design of something that looks cool and also is functional including cameras, screen, and compute hardware for neural network inference.
  2. Machine Learning: Continually improve the dataset and architecture of neural network that supports human-robot interaction between human and robot dog.
  3. Software Engineering: Work closely with me on the entire stack from high level deep learning code in Python to hardware design and integration.
  4. Austin: This project is likely to take place in Austin, so it's a plus you're willing to visit & stay here for days at a time while we work on this, but it's not required.
I value passion, hard work, and obsessive attention to detail (aka craftsmanship). No answer is disqualifying. For example, beginners are welcome. I value the ability to learn quickly.

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