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Armanino Foundation Financial Literacy Application

Armanino LLP is a top 25 national accounting and consulting firm with experts who have a depth of knowledge in financial issues. We are passionate about giving back to our local communities, as individuals and as a firm. The Armanino Foundation is providing a turnkey virtual training program where our team members can help increase financial know-how and upward mobility. Our teammates will offer Financial Literacy and Career Building Block courses to your students via a Zoom virtual classroom setting to ensure ease of access and the safety of all.
6. Which month(s) are optimal for you to co-host these training courses with the Armanino Foundation? (Check all that apply)
7. Please select the one-hour course(s) you wish to offer to your participants: (Check all that apply)
8. What is the best time to provide this course to your participants? (Check all that apply)
9. When we partner with you to offer these courses, how many participants (e.g., separate log-ins to Zoom) can we expect for each session?