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Early Childhood Virtual Event Survey


Stamford Cradle to Career is planning a virtual professional development event for early childhood staff who work in Stamford. The purpose of the event is to provide information, support, and networking to staff who work in the early childhood field. The session will be the evening of Wednesday, April 14th. We will have a keynote speaker, resources to share and breakout group discussions. Please share your interest/needs for topics for the breakout group discussions so we can ensure the content is relevant to you. This three question survey will take less than one minute and all data is anonymous. Thank you!
1. Are you interested in attending the professional development session on Wednesday, April 14th in the evening (6-8pm)? (The event will be free to attend.) *This question is required.
2. Please indicate which topics you would be interested in joining a breakout group discussion on: *This question is required.
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