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2021 CFP Application Year 1 - Part 1 (Completed by teen)

Teen Application - Page 1

Part 1

Deadline:  30 March, 2021
Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the current health and safety requirements, we are not yet certain we will be able to hold our traditional week long, in person camp in Troodos. At the present time we are planning to run another virtual program, however we will be prepared to convert to an in person camp should conditions allow us to do so. We remain hopeful that we can hold our traditional program.  We do not know when we will be able to make an in person camp determination but we will notify all applicants of program decisions as soon as it is possible. 


(Before completing this application form, please print and read the document titled TEEN FAMILY HANDBOOK found on the CFP website at .)

You will need the following information to complete this application:
1.  A photo file of your face to upload (max. file size = 500KB)
2.  Thoughtful answers to the following essay questions: (depending on your internet connection and browser timeout issues, you may wish to prepare the answers to these questions in a word-processing program and copy and paste your essay answers into the application)
     a.  Why do you want to participate in the Cyprus Friendship Programme?
     b.  CFP is a two year programme.  How do you plan to contribute to the programme in the year following the completion of the camp?
     c.  What does peace building mean to you and what qualities do you believe being a leader entails?
     d.  What is the greatest challenge you have faced so far?  How did you manage this challenge?
     e.  What clubs, activities or hobbies have you been involved in during the last three years?  Describe your role(s) in these.
     f.   The Cyprus Friendship Program is a peace building and leadership training program.  The pandemic has altered the nature of many ways we get things done and we have had to modify our practices including bicommunal work. What difficulties has it brought to peace building and what do you suggest can be done to tackle those adversities. Please use concrete examples.
     g.  It is important for youth to take actions towards peace with their counterparts in Cyprus.  Why do you believe this is important and why do you believe it’s up to the youth?

      Having read the Conditions of Participation in the CFP Programme Appendix and the Teen Family Handbook, do you have any comments or queries? *This question is required.
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