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Create a Garden: Scout Exploration

Thank you for your interest in registering for the Create a Garden: Scout Exploration Program at Denver Botanic Gardens. 

Registration Instructions: Please complete the form below.  You will receive an email confirmation and payment instructions within 72 business hours.

Groups wishing to participate as a troop must submit one registration form per troop.  Each registration form submission will be considered as a unique individual group registration.  Multiple submissions from one troop may result in the troop not being able to participate together.
Program Capacity: Each program time can accommodate up to 20 people (both scouts and adults).  Groups larger than 10 people will be split into 2 smaller groups and explore the program as 2 separate groups.  Each group will be required to have at least one adult to lead the group through the program.
For questions regarding the program please email
1. Are you registering as an individual group, or will you be meeting other members of your troop and participating in the program together? *This question is required.