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Dane County Humane Society Found Pet Report

Thank you so much for helping a missing pet find their way home!  The information provided in this form will be used to enter a found report in our found pet database so that we can check for any possible matches with lost reports. If you have found more than one pet, you will be able to include them all on one form. If you are filing this report during our normal business hours it will be entered into our database within a few hours.  If you are filing this report after hours, it will be entered at the beginning of the next day.  The personal contact information requested will not be used for marketing purposes.  You will be sent a copy of this form after it's submitted. 

If the animal you have found appears to be in need of immediate, emergency medical assistance, please call us at 608-838-0413, ext 100.  If it is after hours, please contact the University of Wisconsin Emergency Vet Services at 608-263-7600 or bring the animal to their clinic at 2015 Linden Drive, Madison.

PLEASE NOTE:  This form is intended to report a found pet, not injured or orphaned wildlife.  If you have found a wild animal, please visit our website for instructions.