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Dane County Humane Society Lost Pet Report

We are sorry to learn that your pet is missing.  The information provided in this form will be used by our staff to enter a lost report in our pet database.  If you submit this form during our normal business hours, it will be entered in our database within a few hours.  If you submit this form after hours, it will be entered at the beginning of the next business day,  Once the form is entered in our database, we will check for any possible matches with animals in the shelter or who are being housed by the person who found them. If we find a potential match we will contact you immediately so make sure to provide the best phone number to reach you at.  If you are missing more than one pet, you will be able to include them all on one form. The personal contact information requested will not be used for marketing purposes.  You will be sent a copy of this form after it's submitted.