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NCPA Graduation Honor Cords Program

Guidelines for Wearing NCPA Graduation Honor Cords 

Any Student Pharmacist who wishes to be eligible to wear a NCPA Student Pharmacist Graduation Honor Cord must meet the following NCPA national criteria in addition to his or her local NCPA student chapter criteria, should they differ: 

  • Be an active NCPA Student Member at the time of graduation and for at least 50% of the time enrolled with his or her respective university/college of pharmacy. This is defined as having paid national dues at least 18 consecutive months prior to graduation
  • Have attended at least one (1) local NCPA student chapter general meeting per semester, except when he or she is away on APPE rotations 
  • Attended either the NCPA Annual Convention or Legislative Conference at least once OR participated in at least five (5) local NCPA student chapter events, not to include general meetings, over the course of his or her membership 
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