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Shakopee Water Quality Survey

Shakopee Public Utilities - Water Quality Survey

Thank you for your interest in water quality and providing your feedback.

Water System Background

The Shakopee Public Utilities (SPU) supplies water and utilities to the City of Shakopee with water from eighteen (18) groundwater wells throughout the city. Throughout the year, SPU collects and tests the groundwater frequently in order to ensure that it meets or exceeds Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for safety.

SPU is proud to share that our water has consistently tested below levels that would require any filtration. Your drinking water is supplied directly from the naturally clean wells where it is treated with the addition of chlorine for disinfection, and fluoride to prevent of tooth decay. 

Nevertheless, because of SPU’s commitment to public health and the provision of abundant high-quality water to its customer, SPU is engaged in a comprehensive evaluation of municipal water treatment alternatives.

We want your feedback to understand what is important to you, and what additional costs you would be willing to support to increase water quality above what we have already achieved. Please take a few minutes to put some thought into the following questions to help us understand what is important to you in your drinking water. 
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