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Data Services for Health Sciences Graduate Students


Data Services Librarians and Health Sciences Graduate Students


Stacy Winchester, Megan Sheffield, and Jenessa McElfresh are inviting you to volunteer for a research study. Stacy Winchester is the Research Data Librarian at the University of South Carolina and is conducting the study with Megan Sheffield, Data Services Librarian at Clemson University, and Jenessa McElfresh, Health Sciences Librarian at Clemson University.

Study Purpose: The purpose of this research is to investigate the training, experiences, and services commonly shared by librarians providing research data services to health sciences graduate students.

Voluntary Consent: Participation is voluntary and the only alternative is to not participate. You will not be punished in any way if you decide not to be in the study or to stop taking part in the study.  

Activities and Procedures: Your part in the study will be to complete the online survey regarding your experiences providing data services to health sciences graduate students.

Participation Time: It will take you about 10 minutes to participate in this study.

Risks and Discomforts: We do not know of any risks or discomforts to you in this research study.

Possible Benefits: You may not benefit directly from taking part in this study, however your participation may benefit the field by advancing the understanding of how librarians help support the research data services needs of health sciences graduate students.


To participate in this study, you must be a library employee who provides any research data services to health sciences graduate students. If you are not a library employee who provides any research data services to health sciences graduate students, you are not eligible to participate in this study.


The results of this study may be published in scientific journals, professional publications, or educational presentations. The information collected will be kept confidential and only researchers will have access to the survey data. The data collected will stored in a password protected folder and no explicitly identifiable data will be collected.
The information collected during the study could be used for future research studies or distributed to another investigator for future research studies without additional informed consent from the participants or legally authorized representative. No identifiable private information will be collected during the study.


If you have any questions or concerns about your rights in this research study, please contact You may also contact the Clemson University Office of Research Compliance (ORC) at 864-656-0636 or If you are outside of the Upstate South Carolina area, please use the ORC’s toll-free number, 866-297-3071. The Clemson IRB will not be able to answer some study-specific questions. However, you may contact the Clemson IRB if the research staff cannot be reached or if you wish to speak with someone other than the research staff.

If you have any study related questions or if any problems arise, please contact Stacy Winchester at the University of South Carolina at, Megan Sheffield at Clemson University at, or Jenessa McElfresh at Clemson University at


By participating in the study, you indicate that you have read the information written above, been allowed to ask any questions, and you are voluntarily choosing to take part in this research. You do not give up any legal rights by taking part in this research study.
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