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Outstanding Alumni Relations Program Award 2021

Outstanding Alumni Relations Program Award
Membership in Beta Theta Pi is for a lifetime. Our members and chapters deserve – and need – the network of support provided through their Fraternity experience and the lifelong friendships made through Beta.  The Outstanding Alumni Relations Program Award recognizes chapters and alumni relations committees that work diligently to keep their alumni connected to Beta Theta Pi and to each other.

Eligibility: All chapters, colonies and their associated alumni relations committees or house corporations are eligible to apply for this award.

Form of award: Engraved plaque.

Number of awards:  The award will be given to no more than three chapters (or associated house corporations or alumni relations committees) who have created an outstanding alumni relations program.

Criteria:  Award winning chapters will demonstrate that they have built an outstanding alumni relations program for their chapter using the tools and best practices recommended by the General Fraternity.  Examples include:
  • Using the recommended structure of an alumni relations committee, with a dedicated alumnus in the alumni relations committee chair role, to plan and execute the alumni relations activities in close collaboration with the chapter, advisory board, and house corporation.
  • Staying connected with alumni by cultivating an accurate alumni database in “OneList” (the General Fraternity’s alumni database) and reducing the number of lost brothers through regular solicitation and management of alumni contact information.
  • Developing a year-round communication plan that includes print, electronic, and social media.
  • Planning and hosting alumni events that promote intergenerational friendships and networking and demonstrate the values of Beta Theta Pi.
  • Using General Fraternity recommended tools such as Chapter Spot, MyBeta, and OneList to support your alumni relations efforts.
Questions: Questions about this award can be directed to the awards committee (

To complete this application, you must:

  • Be using the recommended Alumni Relations Committee structure. We will use the roster on MyBeta to confirm the committee structure.
  • Describe the activities of your committee to find lost brothers and routinely update contact info for your alumni base.  Feel free to include statistics such as progress made to reduce number or percentage of lost brothers, number of address corrections submitted to the Administrative Office, etc.
  • Submit samples of alumni communication from the last 18 months. This could include copies of printed and e-newsletters, links to social media feeds, etc.
  • Describe ways the chapter incorporates alumni into routine chapter operations. Examples could include inviting alumni to ritual events, asking prominent alumni to speak at chapter meetings, etc.
  • Describe alumni events hosted in the last year.
  • Describe other innovative and effective ways the Alumni Relations Committee is connecting with chapter alumni.