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Environmental Cruise Survey

1. How important to you are environmentally-friendly cruise line policies and protocols? 1 (Not at all important), 5 (Very important)            
2. How much do cruise lines’ sustainability efforts impact your booking decisions? 1 (Not at all), 5 (Very much)
3. Have you become more aware of cruise lines’ sustainability efforts over the years?
4. Please rate how important the below sustainability efforts are to you. (Each with a 1-5 scale – 1 not at all important, 5 very important)
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Alternative energy/fuel types (Liquefied Natural Gas, hybrid, etc.)
Exhaust scrubbers, to help minimize emissions
Energy-efficient utilities (lights, air conditioning, etc.)
Wastewater treatment systems
Onboard recycling
Elimination of single-use plastics (plastic straws, utensils, etc.)
Eco-friendly laundry services and practices (limited laundry, nonhazardous detergents, etc.)
Partnerships with environmental agencies and organizations (monetary donations, program support, etc.)
Awards from environmental agencies and organizations recognizing the cruise lines’ efforts and impact
5. How interested are you in reading articles on Cruise Critic about cruise lines’ environmental policies and procedures? 1 (Not at all interested), 5 (Very interested)