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Did You Find What You Were Looking For? 2021

This survey is available from April 19 - May 21.
Please answer the questions that apply to your library visit(s) or visit to the Library’s online resources in the past 30 days. You do not have to answer every question. 

The survey should take less than two minutes to fill out. 

Thank you!

In the past 30 days, have you visited a library branch or used the Library’s online resources?


If you were looking for a specific title (such as a specific book, audiobook, e-audio, e-book, DVD, music CD, digital movie, music, comic, TV show, magazine or newspaper), did you find the title?


If you were looking for a specific author, did you find materials by that author?


If you were looking for a specific subject, did you find materials on that subject?


If you were browsing and not looking for anything specific, did you find something of interest?