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Abode Volunteer Application 2021


We're so grateful that you're applying to be at the Abode!

Our volunteer program requires 25 hours of scheduled work a week and 5 hours of spiritual/nature studies, in exchange for room and board and access to our facilities, classes and Abode sponsored programs.

This year will be a unique program, welcoming a smaller number of volunteers and focused primarily on individual and small group retreats. Living in community at the Abode during this time will call upon your flexibility, initiative, creativity, and cooperation as we strive to keep everyone safe while serving our guests and their spiritual journeys. The health and wellbeing of our volunteers, guests, and staff is our highest priority.

As a result, each 2021 Volunteer Experience session is unique to the individual -- tell us about yourself and what you're hoping to give and receive. Take time to answer the following questions and once complete we will reach out to discuss your application.

I look forward to connecting!
      - Khaldun Michael Sturm
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