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UEDA 2021 Application Portal

Introduction + Instructions

AoE DEADLINE: Submit by July 1, 2021
CFC DEADLINE: Submit by July 1, 2021

Welcome to the UEDA 2021 Application Portal. This portal should be used for the official submission of all content relative to the UEDA Summit. This includes the Awards of Excellence, and the Summit Call for Content.

2021 Summit Theme

Forward Thinking in a Changing World

As higher education institutions and their partners are planning for a post-pandemic world, the pressures of a changing world will require new thinking to grow our regional economies. More than just recovery, a transformation is needed to sustain thriving, resilient economies. Today, increased exposure of inequities in economic systems and defense of the status quo have called into question the role of higher education in delivering the future. From rethinking educational delivery and where innovation happens, to how we develop communities; our foundational economic prosperity elements of talent, innovation and place can be leveraged to reimagine the economy of the future. The UEDA 2021 Summit will convene economic development professionals focused on leading the transformation to create more inclusive, equitable, collaborative economic development practices, especially within the confines of talent, innovation, and creating a sense of place. We all have a role to play—higher education, economic development organizations, the public sector, and private partners. Together, throughout the Summit, we’ll work together as partners to mastermind the future, promoting more inclusive, equitable economic development practices and driving regional prosperity.

We strongly encourage you to download the appropriate worksheet in order to complete required content using a Word document and then pasting into the form(s) that follow. The worksheets for this portal are below:

Call for Content Worksheet (including Lightning Rounds)
Awards of Excellence Nomination Worksheet

You may submit as many applications as you would like.  However, if you are proposing duplicate content in several areas, please indicate accordingly in the final question of each application. If you have any questions, please contact UEDA at
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