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General Knowledge Practice Quiz: Blockchain Quiz 1

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from GoCertify

1. Which type of mechanisms are used with blockchain to validate information?
2. The original consensus algorithm in a blockchain network is which of the following?
3. Any network that moves money from a payer to a payee — such as Bitcoin — is known as which of the following?
4. Possibly a pseudonym for numerous individuals, who is credited as being the inventor of blockchain?
5. With blockchain, it is known where an asset came from and how ownership has changed since it was created. What is this feature of blockchain called?
6. Which Linux Foundation blockchain undertaking is focused on developing open components for blockchain supply chain solutions?
7. A blockchain network can be private or public. What is a public blockchain network called?
8. Which of the following is blockchain role with permissions to oversee transactions and often have broad access to the contents of a ledger?
9. Consensus mechanisms tend to include all of the following except which one?
10. Which of the following features of blockchain means that no one can tamper with a transaction after it has been recorded?