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ACEEE Leading with Equity Initiative

Interest and Initial Input Form

Thank you for your interest in ACEEE's Leading with Equity initiative, our ongoing effort to put equity at the center of ACEEE's research. We greatly value your interest and engagement as we seek to hear from voices representing all aspects of the clean energy industry. Please fill out the form below to provide initial input on the initiative as well as stay informed about future developments.

Please reach out to Amanda Dewey if you have further questions. Thank you!
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5. Which of ACEEE's Scorecards do you currently use for your work in equitable clean energy (i.e., City, State, and Utility Scorecard)? *This question is required.
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7. Are you interested in continued engagement in this process, such as future opportunities to learn about our work and provide feedback? If yes, can we contact you to connect on future opportunities for engagement? *This question is required.