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Winooski City Parking Management Plan

This survey is being administered by RSG ( out of Burlington, VT. We have been retained by the CCRPC, at the City of Winooski’s request, to conduct a parking management study. Please visit the project website for additional information.

This survey is to help us better understand the nature of vehicle parking in the city and how residents and visitors to the city park their vehicles - where, when, and how much parking is needed. This survey is focused on vehicle parking and only those who drive and park a vehicle should take this survey.

At the end of this survey we will ask you for additional information such as contact information and other personal information. Please note that this information is not required but if provided will remain confidential and protected by RSG in secure Microsoft Azure cloud storage.

This survey should require fewer than 5 minutes of your time. Thank you in advance for being willing to help the project team and city better understand vehicle parking in the city of Winooski.

If you have any questions or concerns about the survey - please contact Jonathan Slason at
1. Why do you park in Winooski? (all that apply) *This question is required.