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ITS Michigan - 2021

ITS Michigan Survey

ITS Michigan is interested in obtaining feedback from you to help improve our organization. Responses to all questions are not required; any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Please visit our website to learn about upcoming activities - 
1. What ITS Michigan events do you get the most value from?
Space Cell Rating
Annual Meeting (full day session)
Technical Session (half day session)
Networking / Social Event (evening)
Technical Training
Bowling Fundraiser
2. What other types of events / services would you like to see ITS Michigan offer? e.g., euchre tournament

3. For a virtual euchre tournament or other social event, identify the preferred day and time.
Space Cell Morning (9am-12pm)LunchtimeLate Afternoon (~4pm)Evening (~6pm)
4. Are you interested in being a speaker at any of our events or webinars?