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Integrated Care Readiness and Capacity Assessment - BHTA Portal

Integrated Care Readiness and Capacity Assessment

This page provides information about the Integrated Care Readiness and Capacity Assessment and asks you to provide information about your Health Center.
The Integrated Care Readiness and Capacity (ICRC) assessment is a multi-purpose tool to be used by Health Center staff who are introducing new or expanding existing services for behavioral health. The ICRC can be used to:
  • Establish behavioral health integration priorities
  • Inform integration strategic planning and implementation efforts
  • Identify areas of training and technical assistance needed to support integration efforts
  • Engage and educate key stakeholders, including health center administration and primary care, behavioral health, continuous quality improvement, and support staff
  • Measure your progress toward behavioral health integration when you complete follow-up ICRC assessment
This 32-item instrument will take approximately 20 - 50 minutes to complete. Please collaborate with your integrated care team to discuss and provide one response to the assessment.  Completion of the ICRC is not required when making a technical assistance (TA) request to the BPHC-BH TA project, but your responses can be used to identify key TA areas of need.

Before you submit your assessment responses, you will have an option to preview, save, and print your responses in a PDF document. We encourage you to use this feature and to use your assessment results for integrated care planning and implementation efforts.