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GCSG CGT E-Team Survey

GCSG Cell & Gene Therapy E-Team Survey

The Global Clinical Supplies Group (GCSG) - Cell & Gene Therapy E-Team is committed to developing, influencing and promoting industry best practices while also providing navigational guidance for clinical supply professionals within the realm of cell and gene therapy supply chain.

The Cell & Gene Therapy E-Team is looking forward to creating content in a variety of mediums (podcasts, webinars, white papers, etc.) and easy to implement advice on how to best overcome the unique challenges that cell and gene therapies impose on supply chains.  However, we need YOUR INPUT to ensure we focus on the cell and gene therapy supply chain challenges that are IMPORTANT TO YOU.

By completing the following 3 to 5-minute survey, YOU WILL HAVE A DIRECT IMPACT on the topics the Cell & Gene Therapy E-Team focuses on.

Thank you for your input!
1. Are you currently working on cell or gene therapy trials? *This question is required.
Which do you work on?
Which type of therapies do you work on?
2. Please check the box next to the topics you would most like to learn more about within the CGT space.  (Please choose three)
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