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2021 WFP Texas Municipal Candidate Questionnaire


Locally, we believe Texans are hungry for bold leadership. But it requires elected political leaders who put forward a vision of change, and energize people to prod them forward. The Texas Working Families Party (TX✷WFP) believes in fighting for an economy and a society in which all people can thrive. That means creating good jobs at decent wages. Investing in public goods, from schools to roads and bridges to water systems to parks. Defending the rights and safety of all people, including immigrants, Black people, and people of color. The actions and courage of our elected officials can transform people’s lives.

This questionnaire contains three sections: 1) information about you and your campaign, 2)  questions about several issues that relate to working families and marginalized communities and 3) questions  regarding your partnership with progressive grassroots organizations and your constituents.
Please take the time to fill out this questionnaire sincerely and honestly, and then use it as a tool to engage with our organization. Our members are looking to elect pro-worker and poor people champions and this questionnaire can help us determine who those champions are.

Candidates who return the questionnaire will be considered for endorsement by TX✷WFP.  Endorsed candidates will be notified and considered for in-kind and/or independent expenditure campaign support.

NOTE: Your answers don’t have to be perfect -- just honest. If you are a school board candidate applying for an endorsement, please go back and complete the school board questionnaire on our website. If you do not complete the questionnaire in one sitting, you can reopen it using the same web browser and IP address and your answers will be saved, so long as you have not cleared your cache. We also suggest that you complete this questionnaire in another document and cut and paste so you don’t lose any information. Here is a link to a PDF of our entire questionnaire.

Every local jurisdiction is different. The size of budget, level of autonomy under state law, available resources, and the political landscape will vary widely. Despite these differences, we know that progressive local leaders are making changes in big cities and small towns, on school boards, and in urban, rural, and suburban counties. The following questions will help us understand your priorities and how you hope to make a difference in the lives of your constituents and amplify the goals of the broader progressive movement across Texas.