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New Hampshire Response Guide: Community Survey


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Have you ever worried about a child? Did you wonder how to help? Did you wonder if you should make a report to the New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF)?

Has DCYF ever come to talk to you because someone made a report? Did things get better for your family because DCYF got involved?

New Hampshire is beginning to ask important questions about what needs to be reported to DCYF Child Protection as suspected child abuse or neglect. The law is very clear that suspected child abuse or neglect must be reported. What is not always so clear is whether a concerning situation meets the definition of child abuse or neglect.
For children who may be abused or neglected, it is important that anyone who knows about it make a report to DCYF. 

When something does not need to be reported but the family needs help, New Hampshire wants to help connect families to community resources. 

It is important to work toward shared understanding about when to report and when a report is not required. 

Every person in New Hampshire has a valuable point of view on this topic. That is why this survey is so important.
If you have ever worried about a family, we want to know how you thought about what help the family needs and how you decided whether to report. 

If you have ever been reported, we want to know whether that was helpful; and if not, what you wish would have happened instead.

This survey will be used to help create a new response guide tool for New Hampshire. The guide will help a concerned individual decide how to respond when facing a concern about a child or family, such as by making a report to DCYF or helping connect a family to community supports.

The guide will help everyone think about helping children and families in a fair and useful way. New Hampshire aims to build a range of responses where the goal is to support families and keep children safe.

This survey should take about 15 minutes. Your name and identifying information will not be tied to your answers. If you are willing to participate, please read and sign the consent form and begin the survey. Thank you.