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2021 ICCC Nomination Form

Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC) is accepting nominations for the 2021 program

Thank you for nominating businesses to participate in the ICCC program! As a reminder, ICCC recruits businesses with the following qualifications:
  • Be an independent, for-profit or non-profit corporation, partnership or proprietorship.
  • Have its headquarters or more than 51% of its physical operations located in an economically-distressed area OR have more than 40% of employees residing in an economically-distressed area.
  • Be past the proof-of-concept stage and in operations for two years or more.
  • Have revenue histories of two years or more. ICCC does not accept start-up companies.

ICCC will also provide Spanish interpreting services in several markets across the country. Nominate Spanish-speaking businesses for ICCC via our Spanish Nomination Form here.

Note: If you are a small business owner who would like to participate in the ICCC program, you do not need to self nominate. Please apply directly on our online application form.

An ICCC representative will follow up with all nominated organizations to discuss the program and their interest in ICCC.

For questions, contact ICCC at (617)-238-3019 or
ICCC Cohort Opening Seminars Language Interpreting Services Offered
Northern California 2 August 30th & September 1st Spanish
Canada Oct. 25th & Oct. 27th French
Washington, DC Sept 28th & Sept 30th Spanish
Atlanta October 5th & October 7th  
Hawai'i October 12th & October 14th  
Detroit October 18th & October 20th  
Northern VA October 19th & October 21st  
Western MA October 26th & October 28th  
Hartford November 1st & November 3rd Spanish
Colorado November 8th & November 10th Spanish
Seattle November 9th & November 11th