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Audience Outlook Monitor: Orchestra Cohort Registration and Partner Agreement

You are invited to participate in a study of orchestra audiences: The COVID-19 Audience Outlook Monitor.

The purpose of the Covid-19 Audience Outlook Monitor is to provide arts and cultural organizations with timely information on audience attitudes about returning to live programs.  

As a Study Partner you must agree to send five to nine outbound email messages inviting cooperation with the survey.  The goal is for each organization to collect a minimum of 100 survey responses with each wave, and hopefully many more. More detailed parameters will follow. Data will be collected anonymously.

All study partners will share access to results through an online dashboard reporting tool. In the dashboard, partners will be able to view and interrogate results for individual organizations and in aggregate. An email with key findings from our analysis will be sent to partners after each data collection.

To participate, you must review and agree to the terms of participation. Click "next" to begin.