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Rep. Marian Matthews 2021 Constituent Survey

Welcome - Representative Marian Matthews 2021 Constituent Survey

Dear Neighbor:

The 2021 Legislative Session begins January 19.

It is a challenging time to be an elected representative. We always head to Santa Fe this time of year to solve problems and to determine our state’s priorities through the budget we pass. This year, the sense of urgency is especially strong. And I hope your voice will be part of the dialogue.

You may also contact me at I get a lot of email during the session so the survey may be a better way to share your thoughts with me. You can also do both.

The 2021 session will be largely virtual due to COVID-19 and our commitment to keep the public, the staff, and members of the legislature safe and healthy.  The Roundhouse will be closed to the public, with only legislators, limited staff, and members of the media allowed inside. However, we are working hard for public participation via online platforms, telephone access, and email communication. You can track updates, legislation, sign up for public comment, and view meetings of the legislature at