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Article and Art Proposal for Natural Areas Explorer 2021

Article and Art Proposal for Natural Areas Explorer 2021

  • The City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Department is currently accepting proposals for writing and art to be featured in the 2021 Explorer publication. The Natural Areas Explorer advertises Natural Areas Department messages and programs and is distributed widely throughout the community at trailheads, public locations, and online. The Natural Areas Department is specifically looking for diverse voices and representation in these proposals. 

  •  This year’s Explorer will focus on the themes of resilience, community connection to nature, wellness, and stewardship. The pieces proposed do not need to be complete at this time. Examples could include opinion pieces, mini-interviews, artwork, poetry, photography, prose, etc. Articles may be in English or Spanish or translated into both. Please keep in mind we need pieces to be less than 500 words. Priority will be given to pieces that feature City of Fort Collins natural areas. Here is a link to the 2020 Natural Areas Explorer for your reference: Natural Areas Explorer 2020 

  • By submitting this form you are proposing a piece to be featured in the publication. Final decisions on pieces will be made by the Natural Areas Public Engagement Team. Please answer the following series of questions by midnight, Sunday, February 28, 2021 to have your proposal considered. Expect to hear back by Friday, March, 5, 2021 with a decision. Selected pieces are due midnight on Sunday, April 4, 2021.  

  • Please direct any questions to AJ Chlebnik at Thank you! 

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