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'Behavior Change for the Environment' Community Readership Survey

Please share your thoughts on your experience with our virtual learning community through this quick, five-question survey. Help us grow the behavior change for the environment community and make the adoption of behavioral insights in our field accessible for all!
1. From which sector do you join us?
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2. Which statement best describes your familiarity or engagement with Behavior-Centered Design for the environment before joining our community?
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3. In the past year, how often have you visited
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4. How useful to you are the following content categories on (where 1 star is 'least useful' and 5 stars is 'most useful')?
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Space Cell Usefulness
Behavior-Centered Design tools [e.g., stakeholder-actor mapping, behavioral hypothesis generator]
'At a Glance': Summaries of the latest research in behavior and the environment
Behavioral Levers: A framework for understanding the science of human behavior
‘What We Are Reading’: Behavioral insights from the corners of the internet
Case Studies and Reports (e.g., Climate Change Needs Behavior Change, Behavior Change For Nature) 
Trainings and Advisory Services
5. Did you know we also publish a newsletter called The Behavior Beat? It is a must-read roundup of behavioral science-inspired reads from doers and thinkers at the intersection of environment and human behavior.
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