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CCNA Practice Quiz: 200-301 Quiz 18

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. Which of the following are limitations of the TCP/IP model? (Choose two)
2. Which two of the following functions are performed by IP? (Choose two)
3. You have a network address of and a subnet mask of How many possible host addresses are on each subnet, excluding host addresses of all 1s and all 0s?
4. You need to design an IPv6 addressing scheme for your network. The following are key requirements for your design:

1) Infrastructure hosts, such as routers and servers, are assigned static interface IDs, while workstations, notebooks, tablets, and phones are assigned interface IDs dynamically.
2) Internet access must be available to all hosts through an ISP.
3) Site-to-site WAN connections are created using leased lines.

Which type of IPv6 addressing is most appropriate for hosts in this network?
5. When troubleshooting IPv6 networks, which command can be used to display the route an IPv6 router would use to send packets to a specified destination address?
6. Which of the following indicate changes between OSPFv2 and OSPFv3?
7. Which of the following commands can you use to see which ACL is applied to the first Ethernet interface?
8. Which command is used to apply an IPv6 ACL to an interface?
9. Miguel has been practicing his hacking skills. He has discovered a vulnerability on a system that he did not have permission to attack. Once Miguel discovered the vulnerability, he anonymously alerted the owner and told him how to secure the system.

Which type of hacker is Miguel in this scenario?
10. Kathy doesn't want to purchase a digital certificate from a public certificate authority, but needs to establish a PKI in her local network. Which of the follow actions should she take?
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