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Court Interpreter (Spanish) - Sample Written Examination


This test provides an overview of the content of the written exam for the Court Interpreter (Spanish) Examination.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to read the descriptions for each section and review the test question examples carefully to become familiar with what to expect on the exam.  The actual written exam consists of 120 multiple-choice questions designed to assess the following:
I        Translating Written Material (English to Spanish & Spanish to English)
II       Grammar and Language Usage (Spanish & English)
III      Vocabulary (Spanish) – Synonyms & Antonyms
IV      Vocabulary (English) – Synonyms & Antonyms
V       Reading and Understanding Written Material
               Format A - Paragraph Comprehension (Spanish & English)
VI     Reading and Understanding Written Material (Spanish & English)
               Format B - Sentence Completion (Spanish & English)
You will be given three (3) hours to complete the written examination.  Candidates must obtain a passing score on the Written Examination in order to be invited to participate in the Oral Examination.  The written examination is weighted 50% of the final score.  The following questions are for illustrative purposes only.