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Louisiana Residency Placement & Selection Form

Relay Louisiana Residency Placement & Selection Form 2021-2022

Thank you for your interest in the Relay Residency program in Louisiana. If you have questions about the program/process/form, please email 

We recommend reviewing the entire form below and preparing your responses in a separate document before submitting. In this form, your responses will NOT be saved until you hit the submit button. Candidates must complete all parts of the process (listed below) in order to successfully fulfill all requirements and to be considered for admissions to Relay Graduate School of Education. 
  • Part 1: Relay LA Residency Placement & Selection Form
    • In addition to the pieces below, you must email your unofficial undergraduate transcript to 
    • If selected, you will be invited to a virtual screening with the Relay LA Team before being approved for Part 2. 
  • Part 2: Hiring & Placement
    • Candidates will receive official invitation to the Relay LA Residency school matching process, in which candidates will be paired with local school partners for virtual hiring interviews.
    • The Relay LA Team will provide interview preparation for each selected candidate. 
  • Part 3: Relay Graduate School of Education Admissions
    • After being hired, you will complete the official Relay Graduate School of Education Application for admissions to the Relay Residency Program 2021-2022.  
    • You must submit your official transcripts at this time. 

Only fields with a (*) are required.