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LSdx 2021 DemoFest Call for Proposals


Thank you for your interest in participating in DemoFest, taking place on Friday, May 7th. We look forward to learning about your project!

With the Learning Solutions program moving online, the project submission process has changed. The proposal form is shorter, but there is also a new additional step of needing to submit a short video demonstrating your project. You'll have until April 9, 2021 to submit your project video upon being accepted.

Shortly after you complete this form you'll receive a DemoFest submission confirmation email that will also include information about how to send us your video for consideration. Be aware, these confirmation emails sometimes get caught by Spam filters, be sure to look there if you receive nothing in your inbox.

As a reminder, only full-conference registrants or those with a free Innovation+ Pass may present at DemoFest.