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2021 SEEP Organizational Membership Renewal

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Kindly contact us at if your organization is not listed above.
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2. As part of the renewal process, we also want to give you the opportunity to update your profile on SEEP's website. Please review your organizational profile to see if you'd like to make any changes. You will need to be logged into the member space to view the details of representatives. *This question is required.
Great! Note that none of the fields below are required. Simply fill in the information that you wish to update. If you leave a field blank, we will keep the information currently on file.
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Official Representative

The Official Representative is SEEP's main liaison within the member organization. They represent the organization, facilitate engagement, oversee membership renewal, vote for the Board, and serve as the primary point of contact
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Secondary Representative

The Secondary Representative partners with the Official Representative to support organizational participation in SEEP activities, engagement among staff members, payment of dues and is the secondary point of contact.
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Communications Contact

The Communications Contact is the go-to person for organizational brand assets, news content for SEEP's communications channels, and serves as an outreach partner for promotion of SEEP events and initiatives.
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