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Community Petition to Select a Consumer Representative for the Community Services Commission Tripartite Advisory Board

The Maricopa County Community Service Commission Tripartite Board is the advisory board of the Maricopa County Community Action Agency that includes representation from the following: Consumer Sector, Public Sector, and Private Sector.

Consumer Sector Commission members are selected to represent low-income residents in a specific geographic area within the community. Consumer Sector Commission members must reside in the area represented and be selected in accordance with the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Reauthorization Act of 1998. 

1. To certify your support for Consumer Sector Nominee, select the "Answer" button for the "Resident Signature" section. 

2. After selecting the "Answer" button, select the service areas for the city in which you reside and enter the name of the representative you are nominating for the Consumer Sector board seat. 

3. Once you have completed the "Resident Signature" section, you will be directed back to this page. Enter your Nominee's email address in the "Consumer Sector Nominee Signature" section and click "Send." By doing so, the Nominee will be notified that you have signed. 

4. After the Nominee completes the "Consumer Sector Nominee" section, the Nominee will need to select "Submit" to complete the signature process. A copy of the signed form will be sent to the Board Nominee. 
Section Status Actions Invite Colleague to Complete
Resident Signature * Not Started
Consumer Sector Nominee Signature * Not Started