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2021 Updates: SSDI's

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3. Did you view this session live or as a recording?
4. 2/1/20 A patient presented to his urologist with a PSA level of 12.4. A prostate biopsy was scheduled for 2/15/20, but was delayed due to the COVID Pandemic. A second PSA on 6/12/20 showed a level of 8.4.  The patient had a prostate biopsy on 6/15/20 that was positive for adenocarcinoma.  A third PSA was don on 7/1/15 that showed a level of 10.6 The patient had a prostatectomy the following day. Three weeks after the prostatectomy, the PSA level had dropped to 2.2.

What would be recorded in the SSDI PSA (Prostatic Specific Antigen) Lab Value?

5. A patient has a mole removed from her left forearm. pathology shows superficial spreading melanoma with ulceration.  Margins are positive. A wide excision was performed.  Residual melanoma was identified in one lateral margin, but there was no information concerning ulceration.

What code would we assign to the data item Ulceration (Melanoma Skin)?
6. A patient was diagnoses with an in situ ductal carcinoma (8500/2) of the breast on 2/2/20. The patient had a lumpectomy, but then was lost to follow-up. You do not know if she had any additional treatment.  What would be assigned to the data item Response to Neoadjuvant Therapy (Breast)?
7. The CE phrase is
8. Please rank the following
Space Cell Star Ranking (5 is the best)
Audio quality
Presenters knowledge
Overall quality of the webinar
10. Where the materials for today's webinar basic, advanced, or just about right?
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11. Do you abstract cases on a regular basis?
12. Indicate how difficult you find the following the rules for assigning SSDI's?
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Average level if difficulty
Very Difficult
13. In practice, do you find it difficult to assign histology?
Not difficult at all
Extremely difficult
14. What diagnosis year is your  registry primarily abstracting (hospital registry) or collecting (central registry)?
15. When do you expect to start abstracting (hospital registry) or collecting (central registry) cases diagnosed in 2021?