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Bankruptcy Quiz: Should I DIY?

Financial Problems


Let's start with why you're considering bankruptcy.

What financial problems do you have? (Check all that apply.)
Most people prefer filing for Chapter 7 because it's quick and doesn't require a repayment plan; however, Chapter 7 won't solve all financial issues. 

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You can delay a foreclosure temporarily by filing for Chapter 7 before the scheduled sale date. However, the foreclosure will resume within a few months. If you want to keep your home, Chapter 13 will be a better choice.
Most paycheck deductions stop after a bankruptcy filing. Court-ordered support payments won’t be affected, however.
A bankruptcy filing will delay the eviction process temporarily if the court hasn’t already issued a judgment allowing the landlord to proceed. The delay won’t be for long, however, especially if the eviction is due to drug use or a dangerous condition on the property.
Acting quickly by filing for bankruptcy before the creditor gets a judgment can be critical if you want to discharge the debt or avoid a property lien.