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IPMA-HR Trainer Application


To advance IPMA-HR's mission, we are recruiting trainers to provide educational opportunities for all Public Sector HR levels of experience. IPMA-HR strives to provide its members with quality trainers who have broad public sector knowledge and a strong commitment to training.  

To conduct any of IPMA-HR’s Professional Development courses, all trainers must have an approved signed Trainer Application (to be updated annually) and Trainer Agreement (must be completed for each training) on file with IPMA-HR National.  A pre-training process will also be required (and if your application is approved, we will schedule this for you).

All IPMA-HR trainers are Independent Contractors.

Eligibility Criteria:

To become an approved trainer for IPMA-HR, you must meet the following criteria:
  • IPMA-HR National Individual or Agency Member.
  • Must have completed the course you want to teach (either online or in-person).
  • Completed the pre-training process (and if your application is approved, we will schedule this for you).
  • Preferably holds an IPMA-HR senior-level certification (IPMA-SCP or IPMA-CE).
  • Preferred prior experience in training adult learners (either online or in-person).
IPMA-HR Trainer Charge and Expectations (Duties and Responsibilities):

Trainer Charge: IPMA-HR's course trainers act in the role of course instructor and facilitator.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Trainers are to be proficient with the learning platform and course content.
  • Actively mentor, monitor, encourage engagement and track student progress.
  • Notify IPMA-HR immediately with any course content, technology issues, student issues or other problems.
  • Mentor new trainers.
  • Provide end of course feedback.
Please send all requested items, questions, inquiries to the Professional Development Manager at

IPMA-HR reserves the right to monitor the training program in any manner it deems appropriate.
Termination of the Application:

Completion of the Trainer Application is not a guarantee of acceptance.  All trainers are Independent Contractors.  IPMA-HR reserves the right to terminate the Trainer Application at any time, for any reason.  All trainer materials must be returned immediately to IPMA-HR if this Trainer Application is terminated.