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NYC Candidate Survey

The primary election for Mayor will be held in June 2021. There is a growing list of candidates vying to be the top executive of the city. The list of candidates include seasoned politicians, entrepreneurs, executives, commissioners and activists. Following a ballot initiative, 2021 will be the first time New Yorkers will select their representatives by rank-choice voting, where you can rank up to five candidates in order of preference, instead of choosing one.
1. In order of preference, please rank your top five candidates from supportive to least supportive. Note: for the following table each column is restricted to a single answer across all rows.
2. Of the following city policies, select five that should be a priority for a new administration
3. How important is it to you that candidates speak and understand issues affecting freelancer?
The concept of a public bank has gained traction since the onset of the pandemic as a solution to address inequality. A public bank is a financial institution owned by a public entity, such as the city, and accountable to the residents of the city. A municipal bank would allow the City of New York to divest public money from Wall Street and move it to a bank that is accountable to New Yorkers and dedicated to reinvesting in local communities and strengthening our economy.
4. Based on the information above, do you support the concept of a public bank?
The portability of benefits is a concept that is rapidly gathering support in the U.S workforce, specifically among independent workers. Portable benefits refer to the idea that benefits are connected to the individual, rather than a particular employer, and so they can be taken from job to job without interruption in coverage or loss of funding. The current structure of employee benefits is not portable. In most industries, each company offers a benefits package that is created and administered by each company's human resources division. Most benefits are paid for by the company, and employees often have little, if any, choice about what benefits they receive and from whom they receive them, not to mention these benefits are often not extended to freelancers. Portable benefits has to potential to be used as a tool to improve financial security for non-traditional workers.
5. Based on the information above, do you support the concept of a portable benefits model?
6. Would you be interested in volunteering for a candidate the Union endorses?
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8. How do you identify?
9. Are you Hispanic or Latinx
10. What is your gender identity?