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Stanner Restaurant Survey

Stanner Restaurant Survey (January 2021)

As we all continue to navigate the challenges of COVID-19, the Stanner Alumni Center recognizes that the restaurant / food services industry has been and continues to be significantly impacted throughout the pandemic. Many Stanner-owned and operated restaurants are working within strict health and safety guidelines, including restrictions on indoor dining and a model based on takeout, delivery, and outdoor dining during winter.

The Stanner Alumni Center is conducting a survey to find and promote Stanner-owned and operated restaurants. Molloy wants to do its part to support these businesses as they continue to face challenges during the pandemic. The data collected via the survey will help us promote a "Stanner Restaurant Week" sometime in the near future. We invite Stanner restaurant owners/operators and food service managers to fill out our survey by January 31st. Fill out the required fields below and hit the submit button. Email for more information.

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