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SRN Membership Application

SHEA Research Network Membership Application

  • SRN members are unique healthcare facilities, not individual contacts. New SRN members are added annually, in January. If an affiliated facility (e.g. within the same health system) wishes to apply, the facility will be handled a separate SRN member from this one, and a separate application must be submitted. We recommend this facility identify a different site PI. 
  • Facilities must to identify one SRN principal investigator (PI). This person serves as the sole point-of-contact for SRN projects and is responsible for the site's response; however, any person at the facility may respond to a project if qualified.
  • A site responds to surveys by entering its SRN ID. This code is used for many aspects of SRN participation, allowing individuals other than the SRN PI to respond on behalf of the facility as needed, helping SHEA track participation, allowing for deduplication of responses and filtering out of respondents for reminders, and assuring that identifying information for SRN sites can be removed before data are sent to researchers.
  • For study recruitment efforts, the site PI simply responds on behalf of the facility and does not use the SRN ID. Rarely, studies funded by corporate entities are conducted through the SRN. SRN members, by applying, agree to respond to these studies if eligible.
  • Site PIs are responsible for maintaining their facility's rate of response to SRN requests. SHEA evaluates sites' participation annually.
1. Please indicate the nature of the application:
Facility Information
9. What best describes the facility:
SRN PI (Point-of-Contact)
14. Current SHEA member:
15. Primary professional activities/roles:
Facility Data
16. Does the facility or affiliated institution have an IRB?
17. Beds:
Space Cell <5051-100101-200201-300301-400401-500501-600601-700701-800801-900901-1,000>1,000Not applicable
Total beds
Adult beds
Pediatric beds
18. ICUs:
19. Does your facility have an:
Space Cell YesNoDon't knowNot applicable
Infection Control Program
Antibiotic Stewardship Program
20. Staffing (FTE):
21. Does your facility conduct HAI surveillance for:
Space Cell Yes, ICU onlyYes, ICU and outside ICUDon't knowNot applicable