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Application for Property Tax Exemption for Economic Development Purposes

Applicant Identification

Exemption from ad valorem property taxation pursuant to Article 11, Section 13 of the Kansas Constitution is requested for all or any portion of the appraised valuation of property used exclusively for the purpose of manufacturing articles of commerce, conducting research and development, or storing goods or commodities which are sold or traded in interstate commerce, as described herein. This application is submitted in conformance with Policy Resolution No. 2009-12 of the City and it is understood that the City may require payments in lieu of taxes for property which becomes tax exempt.

Filing Fee. An application for a property tax exemption shall be accompanied by a nonrefundable filing fee of $250.00. The fee shall be used to defray expenses incurred in processing and evaluating the application.  Please make check payable to the City of Augusta.

Checks can be mailed  to:

City of Augusta, KS
Attn: Erica Jones
P.O. Box 489
Augusta, KS 67010

or delivered to Augusta City Hall at 113 E. 6th.

Please note "Applicant Name" on check memo line.
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7. Is the applicant a tenant?