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Live Naturally 2021 Reader Survey

Here’s your chance to win a $500 Kroger gift card!

Simply complete all survey questions below (it takes less than 3 minutes!) and you’ll automatically be entered to win. Click here for a complete list of Rules & Regulations. We promise, we'll only use your responses to help us learn a little about your shopping style and what you think of our magazine - we will never share them without your permission. Read our Privacy Policy to learn more. 

Thank you for your feedback and support of Live Naturally / Optimum Wellness! Now let's get started...

2. When shopping at your local Kroger grocery store, how do you most often shop? (Choose one)
3. How many times each week do you typically shop at your local Kroger grocery store? (Choose one)
4. Has the magazine inspired you to try new products? (Choose one)
5. Which sections of the magazine do you most enjoy? (Check all that apply)
6. How do you view advertisements in the magazine? (Choose one)
7. Do you find the magazine to be a valuable, trustworthy source of information? (Choose one)
8. As a result of reading the magazine, do you make healthier choices when purchasing groceries? (Choose one)
9. Would you consider searching for recipes on (Choose one)
10. Do you already or would you consider using shoppable recipes online? (Choose one)
11. When you finish reading your copy of the magazine, what do you typically do with it? (Choose one)
12. What most drives your trust in and loyalty to a specific brand, or drives your decision to try a new brand? (Check all that apply)
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