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Expanding Access for Black, Latino & Native American Students

As part of ESIP's on-going commitment to increase the diversity in the ESIP community, we are please to continue our program to offer complimentary registration to the 2021 ESIP Summer/July Meeting for up the 15 students who identify as Black, Latino or Native American. Graduate students, recent graduates and students in their final year of an undergraduate degree in a related field are eligible to apply. The 2021 ESIP Summer/July Meeting offers 5 days of powerful plenaries, interactive breakout sessions, workshops, hack-a-thons and organized networking opportunities for Earth science data professionals on topics related to the management, stewardship and application of Earth science data. Please apply by Friday July 2nd, 2021. 
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7. The ESIP Summer/July Meeting begins on Monday July 19th and runs through Friday July 23rd. Which days will you be able to attend? (select all that apply)
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10. This opportunity is designed specifically to engage students and early career professionals who identify as Black, Latino or Native American. Please confirm how you identify.