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2020-2021 Accelerated Early College Evidence of Implementation


This Part B survey is intended for programs to demonstrate that they are in the final stages to launch a Designated Early College program in the Fall of 2021.  In order to be approved for this Designation, all materials must be complete and in full compliance with the Designation Criteria outlined by the Early College Joint Committee.  The evidence must illustrate that this program has a well-developed and intentional plan to target underserved students who are at likely risk of not attending college and prepare them to not only succeed in college coursework during the course of their high school career, but to persist by enrolling and completing a college degree after their high school graduation.  All supporting documents, including recruitment materials and program applications for students should reflect usage as a Fall 2021 Designated program. 

Applicants applying for Accelerated Designation must meet the following requirements:
  • The higher education partner applying for Accelerated Designation must be a MA public institution.
  • Early College program design must allow for students to be recruited and enrolled into the program by October of their 10th grade year.
  • The full scale of the Early College program should be at least 15% of the student population.
  • All Early College courses will comply with MassCore and MassTransfer requirements and include an English and a Math course
  • K-12 Applicant must be a high school that is not part of a currently designated program and has a strong history of dual enrollment with the IHE partner
  • Partnership must have identified a dedicated Early College staff lead for Fall of 2021.
  • EC schedule must include designated time for Early College cohort to participate in college and career awareness and preparation activities in addition to college coursework.

Please note that for the Accelerated Designation, programs will be awarded provisional Designation for FY21-22, and will be re-evaluated at the end of the academic year.

This survey must be completed by April 26, 2021.
Early College Accelerated Designation Timeline
  • April 26, 2021 - Summary of Early College Plan and Evidence of Early College Plan due 
  • June 2021 - Applications reviewed by staff and formal recommendations for Designation submitted to the Early College Joint Committee.