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ARDC - Amateur Radio Survey



Are you involved in amateur radio? Are there issues in ham radio that you think are important? Do you have ideas about what could make it better? If so, great! I'm so glad you found this survey.

My name is Rosy, and I'm the Executive Director of Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC). We formed in 2012 to manage the AMPRNet, IP address space used for free by radio amateurs all over the world. In 2019, we added a new function - making grants that support our mission: support, promote, and enhance digital communication and broader communication science and technology, to promote Amateur Radio, scientific research, experimentation, education, development, open access, and innovation in information and communication technology.
As a new foundation with an ambitious charter, ARDC is positioned to help pioneer new territory in the amateur radio and digital communications spaces through our grantmaking.

Here's where you come in - we want to know what you think so that we can look for amazing projects to fund. Right now we are primarily able to grant to 501(c)(3) entities in the United States, though we are working to expand to international grantmaking as soon as possible (targeting early 2021). Take a look at for more information.
In the meantime, many thanks for taking the time to complete this survey, which should take no more than about 5-10 minutes. We'll release the results in early 2021; please include your email if you'd like for us to follow up about the results. Otherwise, the survey is designed to be anonymous and open to all hams. Feel free to forward!

Last but not least, ARDC will be doing a community meeting on:
  • Saturday, 06 Feb 2021
  • 18:00 GMT (10am PT / 1pm ET / 7pm CET)
Learn more and sign up here.

Hope to see you there. And on behalf of everyone at ARDC, thank you for sharing your thoughts in this survey.

Here's to the future of ham!
Rosy Wolfe - KJ7RYV
Executive Director