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Police Funding 2021/22

Police Funding for 2021/22

1. The Police and Crime Commissioner is proposing an increase in the policing precept for 2021-22, equivalent to £1.25 per month for a Band D property. This will enable current financial plans, including police officer recruitment, to remain on track. Do you agree with this proposal?  *This question is required.
Which of the following areas of policing are most important to you (select 3) *This question is required.
As reduced funding would mean fewer police officers, please select which of the following areas of policing are of least importance to you, and should be reduced as a consequence of less funding. (select 3) *This question is required.
Monitoring Questionnaire

The Police and Crime Commissioner is firmly committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all local people and communities, irrespective of gender, ethnic origin, disability, religious belief, sexual orientation, age, or any other irrelevant factor.  We therefore ask you to complete this questionnaire to enable us to monitor the effectiveness and fairness of our policy and processes.

This information is for statistical monitoring purposes only.