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Choose to Move is a free 3-month program designed to introduce older adults to the habit of physical activity, help them meet new friends, and make a positive healthy lifestyle change.

Choose to Move provides participants with the motivation and support to become more physically active. Participants work with a trained activity coach who will support them as together they develop a physical activity plan tailored specifically to each participant.

Please enter your information below to be placed on a wait list to join Choose to Move ONLINE (or by phone)

Our next programs will be starting in Spring 2022. You will be contacted with your invitation when a space becomes available, typically within 1-6 weeks.

If you are eligible to participate, one of our trained Activity Coaches will contact you with information about the next available program. Your information will only be used by BCRPA to contact you for Choose to Move and will not be shared with any other organizations.

Note: only residents of British Columbia are eligible to participate.

If you are looking to participate in Choose to Move IN PERSON, please contact the facility where you would like to participate directly in order to register. Program locations and registration details can be found at under LOCATIONS.
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