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2021 Florida Workforce Needs Survey

Pre-COVID-19, Florida employers told us a skilled workforce was the top priority for 2020...then COVID happened. While vaccines are on the way, a return to some sense of normality will take time, and we anticipate Florida's workforce needs will continue to be a top issue. 

A high-quality workforce is Florida's best long-term economic development strategy and is crucial to becoming the 10th largest economy by 2030. We need your help to understand your company's evolving workforce needs and the impact the pandemic is having on your recruiting and training goals. The results of the survey will be incorporated into the Florida Chamber Foundation’s 2021 Florida Workforce Needs Study. 

Please complete the survey below: 
1. Over the next year, do you expect to hire new employees in Florida?
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2. Generally speaking, when you hire new employees, are they ready to work or do they need additional skills training?
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3. Which of the following do you believe will be disruptive for your business over the next 10 years? Select all that apply.

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4. If you indicated you anticipate disruptions over the next 10 years, have these potential disruptions been impacted or accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic?
5. How concerned are you about the lack of key skills (employability skills, soft skills, digital skills) as a threat to your business?
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6. Is your organization currently engaged in any public-private partnerships regarding workforce training or skills development, including partnerships with local universities, community/state colleges, technical centers/colleges, or local workforce training organizations?
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7. Does your company provide work-based learning opportunities?
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8. If you selected yes, please indicate the work-based learning opportunities (internships, practicum, on the job learning, career mentorship) provided by your company. Select all that apply.
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High school students
State university students
State college students
Private university students
International students
8. Do you anticipate the need to provide your current employees with reskilling/upskilling to meet emerging workforce needs?
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9. Is your company currently investing in digital (online/virtual) training?
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10. Does your company provide tuition reimbursement for reskilling workers?
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11. What percentage of workers take advantage of these programs?
11. Are you aware of state and/or federal programs to help train employees? 
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12. If you selected no, are you interested in learning more?
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